Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Exploding Kids Day and the Hiker’s Help

It all began because Mama Yashanah had it in her heart to have a kids day extravaganza! We have almost 40 kids in our church and so she wanted to put on something really fun for them and their friends before she returned to the United States.

Now, Mama Yashanah is already somewhat of a legend around the Amazing Life Fellowship here in Nakuru, Kenya. Every one of the children who encounter her, absolutely adore her. For the past 3 months, she has tirelessly given herself to these precious children that are in such desperate need of love and encouragement.

Now even Mama Yashanah knows that a whole day with 40 kids is not something any saint should attempt alone; soooo… she enlisted the help of the wonder working servants of all good deeds ….the Kingdom Hikers! The Hikers are already establishing a name for themselves based on their service to the surrounding community.

When approached with the prospect of hanging out all day with small kids who are extremely needy and somewhat undisciplined in the art of listening to anyone, the Kingdom Hikers rose to the occasion and pledged their help.

The day was set and all the workers came together to ask God for the grace to do what was being asked of them. There were snacks to prepare, banners to be made, balloons to be inflated and activities to plan . There would be much preparation and much grace needed on the appointed day.

 Little did they know just how much grace would be needed!

As the children began to arrive at the "meeting tent" on the appointed day, balloons were put up, the welcoming banner stretched out and the snacks put safely out of the reach of little hands till the proper time for consumption.

It was just about then, someone mentioned that our beloved George had briefly mentioned to another  pastor what we were doing and that there was the “remote possibility of a few more children attending that Kids Day”. No problem ….. we can flex.

As the festivities began and the lovely children began to trickle in, it seemed as though children began to appear out of thin air. Five here, ten there, twenty coming though the gate;… then the flood gates opened and scores and scores of kids began to arrive. Had someone put an ad in the paper? Are those rain clouds coming in?

Now; after coming to Kenya for almost 5 years we know that it is critical to expect the unexpected, and it is of supreme importance that the worker of God be flexible.
As the children kept appearing,Yahshanah began to feel the inevitable stretching of her faith and exclaimed; 

Oh my, … we need more of ….everything!  Oh, Lord who multiplied the fishes and loaves ....can you now stretch the juice and popcorn?

No problem; the Kingdom Hikers are here and the other Muzungus have arrived! When we (Doug, Tera, Amma and myself) arrived, there was over one hundred and fifty children being entertained by the courageous Kingdom Hikers. But the “great grace” of God had kicked in and everyone was having a wonderful time.

Later there would be a dancing contest, coloring contest, stories, snacks  and a whole lot of improvising. In the end everyone had a blessed time  and everyone began to leave around two thirty. The rain held off till a little after three. The whole day was nothing short of amazing.

We who observed all that happened, praised the One who helps us in all we do in His name. By His grace we are impacting the neighborhood and many of the other local churches, and maybe creating a lot of great dancers!

Thanks to all of you in the Village and everyone everywhere for all your prayers and support. There is so much to do here in Nakuru, Kenya for the sake of the Kingdom of God. We know we cannot do it without your prayers and support.

Much love …. The Rose Creek Village Kenyan team....soon to be with you again!

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