Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yesu ni Bwana!

There is so much to be grateful for I hardly know where to start.

Things are going great at home because men and women are rising to the challenge of a shared life, Shammah is doing well, Jerry’s biopsy was clear; see (, people are coming to Christ, the Ingathering is almost here, the church in Nakuru is growing both numerically and spiritually.

The pastors we’re meeting with each week are thriving and taking everything back to their people and inviting new pastors to come. We had a great time of fellowship and outreach with the local community during the Kingdom Hikers talent show and all of us in George’s house are doing well and high spirits.

Once again, I find myself so busy living this Life I can’t seem to find the time to write about it. At least the other “sent ones” have been faithful in this respect. You can read their blogs to find out what’s been happening throughout the week. What a great bunch of people.

 If you don’t know where their post is, here’s the list. Just click one and enjoy;


                              The Growing Household of God

It is such a profound truth that the Kingdom of God is like a great dragnet cast into the sea, pulling up both good and bad fish. Then the good fish are placed into clean vessels and the bad ones discarded. 
(Matthew 13:47, 48)

We are watching the Master fisherman drag His net onto the land and sort out the fish. Sometimes the sorting happens quickly and sometimes it takes a long time. Those who prove themselves worthy are placed in clean vessels. Then he changes them into true sons and daughters of God. Soon they begin maturing and learning how to fish themselves.

 Last night we went to one of those “good fish” houses and saw what her own net had brought up. She had gone to all her neighbors and friends asking them to come to her house that night to hear the message of the Kingdom of God. God began the sorting right away.

At the end of our time together one of those friends left with new Life and two others expressed a desire to be joined to Household of Christ. The good fish’s name is Zipporah or Zippe for short. The next day we met with Zippy's husband who after witnessing our fellowship the night before expressed a desire to be baptized into our Life.            


       The Fun filled Outreach of the Kingdom Hikers Talent Show.


It took a lot of work and preparation to pull it off, but the Talent Show was a great success. There were snacks to get ready, signs to make and a whole lot of planning.

We had to extend the “tent of meeting” to accommodate all the people that would come. Here is some of the crew that “pulled up the stakes and lengthened the tent”.

Then there was lots of dancing…

Lots of singing…..

And lots and lots of fun!

        The 5 hour Gathering and Fundraiser Extravaganza.

Years ago there was a war movie called … “The Longest Day” …it was given that name because they obviously hadn't sat though last Sunday's Gathering. It had to be five hours long. Although, I must admit it was a lot of fun. It’s a good thing we stretched the tent, because every available space was filled. We need more chairs.

Now on the way to the gathering George mentioned something about a “fund raiser” but we had no idea of what he meant. It was a stimulating experience. The raising of funds was a cross between a Village Auction of desert goodies and a Village wedding fun night.

The cause was good; raising money for a more permanent meeting place than the tent. Amma was delighted because nothing was auctioned but vegetables. For a full description click on Amma’s blog that is listed above..
Here are some of the pictures of the Fundraiser…

Words cannot express what is happening with the pastor’s meeting. All I can really say is our Father is gathering an army of dedicated spiritual leaders hungry to be on the front lines of this spiritual war we're in. I hope to do a separate post introducing each of these wonderful men.

Well there is plenty more going on, none of which would be possible without your prayers and support. Please continue to lift us up as we enter our last month, we want it to be the most productive yet.

Oh, something kind of funny, I sent David D. in California an update of what’s happening here in Nakuru and ended it with what I thought was Swahili for Praise the Lord. He said he looked it up on Google translator and it said I had written ….Rebel lord lima bean!

Soooo…. while I work on my Swahili, I’ll leave you with… Praise the Lord!
Much love … your sent ones.


  1. Thanks Abba! Thanks, first of all, for spreading the news about Jerry; I quickly spread that news across the land, Blessing the Lord for his goodness to this man. Then I read the rest of your update. Wow, especially with this blog, I can sooo feel what's happening there. (finally, hmmm, must of gotten more out of myself now that Tabach is home). Love every picture you posted and all your wonderful descriptions of the hand of the Lord at work there. LOVE that auction, and I know Amma was ecstatic....there's a Hadashah flag waving at the thought of a new kind of auction in our land....thankyou Kenya family, for leading the way in this one! Whew, can you feel the breezes blowing? the fall breezes. preparing our hearts. clearing the air. making more room for His spirit, His presence. In Selmer, in Memphis, in Nashville, in FL, in CA, in Mexico, in is time for the INGATHERING. Bless the Lord, may the unity we share be strongly felt as we prepare, as we worship Him, and as we respond to Him.

  2. Thanks for the news! Very exciting! Much grace be with all of you. Can't wait to see you again. I feel like I've been on a trip myself. Saw Nathanael today, and got encouraging news about the Sojourner young men, about the interaction of the men God is raising up back home, and about programs that we're joining with to preach--no, demonstrate--the Gospel.

  3. Thanks for posting your beautiful pictures of our family in Africa! It's so wonderful to see faces! We love you Abba and can't wait to see you again! I am very much looking forward to hearing all the news when you get back!