Monday, September 12, 2011

The Last Kenyan Post of 2011

Well, this will be the last post detailing our 3 month visit to Kenya. Tomorrow we begin our long two day journey back to the United States and to all our loved ones there. We need it. We prayed this last week would be the best and our prayers were answered in more ways that we could have hoped for and now; we need to rest.

These last 3 wonderful months have become the most productive in all our previous years. The Lord has opened more doors than in all the other times combined.

When we first arrived it seemed as though we were getting off to a slow start, yet all the while our Father was building a platform strong and high enough for us to proclaim and demonstrate His incredible corporate Life. He did this, by making us take the time to connect on a more intimate level with scores of new and old friends. Thank you Nathanael.

We have been able by God’s grace to overcome some very big crisis’s, more deeply touched people’s lives, and seen some very encouraging beginnings, that we know will bring change to the spiritual landscape here in Nakuru.

The family of disciples has not only changed our location but our name as well. Because we feel future growth will cause us to move again, we chose a name that does not reflect our location. We do not know where we will end up in this area.

We do know that the Life we have been given is nothing short of Amazing, just like the grace He has given us  to live this Life. Hence the name; … ‘Amazing Life Fellowship’.

 The Word of God is increasing and beginning to come out of the hearts of people He took up residence in here in Nakuru. When we left last year there was only one reliable man besides the George the pastor. Now there are 4 or 5 men over 21 years old that are starting to bear responsibility in the church and at least eight between the ages of 17 and 21coming up behind them. We ate together, worked together, and played together. The result was a bonding of hearts. The Amazing Life Brotherhood has begun.

Our L.E.A.R.N. educational program has started with already 15 young people enrolled in school. LEARN stands for Letting Educational Adoption Reshape Nakuru. We feel this program will help the desperate lack of finances to help the less fortunate children here in Nakuru complete their schooling.
There have been much tears of gratitude on behalf of the parents and children who otherwise would not have been able to complete their education. A special thanks to their sponsors who have given these kids a chance for a good future. Please tell people about this program and see if you can “adopt” the educational future of one or more of these needy children. Here is the link to learn more…

The Kingdom hikers have come together in a much stronger and more deliberate way. Over the last few months they have met every week and completed several general workdays, taken Mzungus hiking on mountains and caves, put on an awesome all day Talent Show, and helped Yahshana put on a 6 hour Children’s Fun Day Extravaganza for over 150 plus kids. This last Gathering all of them expressed their love for each of us and told us how much they are going to miss us.  They promised to take care of each other and continue to reach out to their friends and family while we’re gone.

One of the most encouraging and promising things that happened these past few months is the creation of a fellowship of godly men and women. For over two months we have been gathering every Wednesday morning and spending 2 to 3 hours sharing the teachings we have learned in Rose Creek Village.

It started with 2 pastors who wanted to hear everything they could hear about the Kingdom of God. They then returned to their churches and taught their congregations everything they had heard. They then went out and began to bring their pastor friends.

Last Thursday we rented a hotel meeting room and I taught for almost 10 hours. There were 30 Christian workers most of them pastors over one or more churches. After the long day of teaching they were so excited they said they wanted to continue to meet while we are gone and have even more men and women ready to teach when we return. As I said in the beginning of this post doors are opening up everywhere for the ministry of the Word.

Here is a letter I just received from one of them….
thanks so much bro naoh. for sure you have left a mark in my life that will remain forever. through the two months we have been in your meetings i have come to learn that God is speaking daily in my life, the problem is how to know that he is speaking. it is my prayer that what have learned from you on how God speaks will be a blessing to many others as i plan to start another church next year. kindly remember me in your prayers for i know the devil is and will never be happy since i now have known the truth .i am planing to start a church here in nakuru. thanks also for the teaching information on worship as a music pastor and church planting in mind i believe to have a church where God will be worshipped in spirit and truth for the first time in my generation.  am a bible student therefore i still need a lot of material for the body of christ. otherwise have a blessed flight home and always remember that you are a vessel the honey of  honor. GOD bless...pst peter”

There are many more things that happened but we desire to save some of the more miraculous things for sharing at the Ingathering.

The rest of our Tennessee Nakuru Team (TNT) also have many personal stories to share upon returning as well. Speaking of them, I wish to extend my special thanks to the servants of God known as Doug, Tara, Brandon and the beloved Yahshana. The laying down of their lives and the love they have shown to our Kenyan family is one of the indispensible reasons this time has been so fruitful.

None of this would have been possible without the prayers, and support from our friends and family back home or the teamwork of the people God sent this time.

Together we have survived sickness, almost terminal homesickness, financial crises, near wrecks, death of friends, disturbing news from home, external accusations, internal doubts, and something akin to exhaustion. But, we have been filled with praise and exaltation for there is no one like our God and no other life that can compare to His eternal Life.

We are all ready to come home; … till our home here... calls us back.
Yesu ni bwana  (Jesus is Lord)

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