Dear Friends and Family ...

I hope this email finds you well and prospering in the service of our King. All of us in Nakuru, Kenya are doing really great. Things have been busy here but not too stressful. We have come in contact with other missionaries and found some delightful people we believe will become good friends.

We have gathered the pastors and workers together again and it was a joyful reunion.
Out of the 14 people who attended our first meeting, there were some new faces and some old friends. We determined to meet every Wednesday morning at ten for teaching and fellowship. All of us are looking forward with anticipation at what our Father might do. I will write more in the next blog about the pastors gathering.

The 'Amazing Life Fellowship' church is growing by leaps and bounds. This has created a need to construct a larger meeting place. Renting space in Nakuru is cost prohibitive so through prayer, faith and hard work we hope to see this building happen. The need was already there before the increase in people. During this rainy season we have to cancel many of our evening meetings because the tent only has half of one side and does little to keep the driving rains from blowing through and soaking all inhabitants. Two nights ago the wind and rain were so severe we thought the tent was leaving.

So this email is the beginning of chronicling the adventure of God (again) creating something out of nothing. We have begun the process of letting our prayers go up that our building would be able to go up as well. It is also a request for assistance if God should put us on your heart. The stories of how our people here are coming up with the finances are extraordinary. Like the 10 year old boy who went without lunch for two weeks to buy one of the poles. We didn't find out of his precious sacrifice till last Sunday.


As has been said by someone somewhere we seek not so much to do 'fund raising' as to seek 'friend raising'. We know that things are tight everywhere but we wanted to make this opportunity to give to a worthy cause available. 
Much love ... your sent ones.

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