Tuesday, June 28, 2011


                    Wonderfully Outrageous Week!
What a wonderful and adventure filled week! This week was packed with cliff hanger suitcase mysteries, near tragic accidents, fun filled reunions, hair raising (I mean hair scalping) mistakes, Kingdom Hiker meetings, and was topped off with a great Gathering on Sunday. Let me start with explaining the scalping mistake.

One of my favorite things here in Kenya is getting a haircut in Nakuru. It only cost four dollars including a generous tip and it is completely relaxing. The whole experience lasts up to forty five minutes. He begins with the hot towels on the face and head. This is followed by a shoulder and scalp massage (which almost puts you to sleep) then he begins to slowly and methodically cut each hair or so it seems. After the cut you get your head washed three times. Then you come back for another lightly oiled full head message (which definitely will put you to sleep). I had been waiting for this for eight months.

This time I told him I only wanted one quarter inch removed. He smiled knowingly and said OK .Then began the hot towels and massage. I settled back in bliss for the full treatment. You cannot imagine how surprised I was when I heard (my eyes were closed from the awesome massage) an electric clipper gliding down my scalp!

When I looked up and there was my friendly smiling barber cutting an inch and a half wide highway right down the middle of my head. I sat up and the look on my face must have informed him of his mistake. I thought you were only going to take a quarter of an inch off, I exclaimed? Horrified he quickly explained that he thought I meant only leave a quarter of an inch. Oh well, he’s such a nice guy and my hair grows fast, so I said… “Kuna Matata” (no problem) on with the treatment!

When we arrived in Nakuru we vainly imagined that this time we were going to take the first week kind of easy, but looking back; God had other plans. That’s OK because as the man said… “It’s been a good week.” Those who watched The Thirteenth Warrior will know what I mean.

After the suitcase escapade and the near tragic traffic accident we spent most of the week re-connecting with people. It is so good to see so many familiar faces and equally gratifying to see some new ones as well.
The Kingdom Hiker meeting was great but very late as usual. George scolded them to be on time when next we meet; …. But we’ll see. We spoke to them about coming up higher spiritually and seeing what they could do if they put their heart to it. At the end of our time together the kids were ready to step up the meetings to every week instead of twice a month. We are going to try and put together a small concert/talent show in Nakuru. They seemed excited.

As I previously stated in my last blog we have some new young people (Gideon, Robert, and Adrian) who are very talented musically. Gideon and Robert play in a band that plays weekly in Hotels and other places. Both love the Lord and desire to help other kids with learning music. The band is called Tamasha and means festival. You’ll be hearing and seeing more of Gideon, Robert and Tamasha later. 

A few of the young people met us this week at our favorite tea place called Kopeck. Seated at the table from right to left is Gideon, Robert, George, Lily (who also plays guitar and dances)  and of course Tabach. These young kids seem very interested in creating something that will help the teenagers here in Nakuru.

I have taken the brother who wrote me from India a few days ago advice (see previous blog) to focus on what’s happening here in Nakuru. So there are five main areas Tabach and I want to focus on this trip. They consist of working on building up the men in the church, teaching the clan leaders to teach others, working with the Kingdom Hikers, and spending time with the pastors who are asking to meet with us. Amma’s and Yashanah’s focus will be with the older and young women’s relationships. Chloe’s will be interacting with the Kingdom Hikers. Please cover us in each of these specific areas.

As usual our Father picked the perfect people from the Village to come with us to Kenya. Chloe has been awesome, diving right in with the housework and talking to the young people. Yashanah is magic with the kids and has really connected with our house girl Betie. She made Betie a crocheted phone case and Betie absolutely loved it. Tabach has been his usual wonderful rear guard self and helping immensely with George and I being able to communicate better. He has also taken over “Bob Miller’s” job (Joel Hall) as chief meat cooker. Thank you Tabach! Amma and I are extremely grateful for all their fellowship and help and a special thanks to all of you who gave them up to come to be here with us.

Well, the challenge this week is to find the place our Father has for us to meet. We are going and looking at a place today. It’s just a bare lot but it has electric, is fenced in and is located in a much better part of town yet still close enough for everyone in Lakeview to walk there.

Maybe this is it.

Much love   RCV Grandfather


  1. Abba, don't worry about your hair. You still look great ;) As always, we are praying for you all there in Africa. I hope you are all well and getting rest. We miss you all terribly and are looking forward to hearing more of the amazing things God is doing in Africa! Much love,

    Hosanna Grace

  2. Really the only sad thing about getting a haircut like that is it will take a lot longer before you need another one:)