Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We got our suitcases! After scores of frustrating calls and driving all the way back to Nairobi to find the Turkish Airlines Office …. we got’em !
It’s amazing how we take some things for granted. Like fresh clothes and a hot shower.
Sometimes it’s good to experience the absence of life’s amenities so as to know how different our lives are from most of the rest of the world.

Most people in our church family here in Nakuru don’t ever get to feel a hot shower in the morning, or even a cold one. They bathe out of a bucket. Many don’t have enough clothes or basic necessities of survival. Now we are working on helping with all of that, but meanwhile it’s good to feel a little of what they go through each day.

One of the most favorite times of my life is when we moved to the land we now call Rose Creek Village. Through circumstances beyond our control we were deprived of houses, hot showers, inside toilet facilities and other things that we thought were “basic necessities”.  

For over 6 months 180 people lived “kind of like” most of the rest of the world populations; and right in the middle of the United States.

Now I say “kind of like” because we always knew we could get access to medical attention, food, or whatever else was required to continue life. Most people in the world do not have that assurance. We can never know what they feel. I can tell you now with all the hassles we encountered it was the best of times. But that’s another story; back to today.

Let me tell you of something that happened to me that I believe to be a miracle.

As some of you well know, every time I have come to Africa there is a great fight for my mind during the first few weeks. Discouraging thoughts, oppressive feelings are always there to meet me in abundance. Before I came this time I asked God for help that I might overcome these formidable attacks before they got a hold on me.

This morning I woke up assailed with the negative feelings and depressing thoughts that always begin to come when I first arrive in Kenya. It was if a cloud was descending on me. I began to praise the Lord, read my devotions and got up to take a shower.

 Although I felt better, the oppressive feelings still lingered. After dressing I went to my computer and found an email from a man I met for 2 minutes 5 or 6 years ago in India. He stated that God had awakened him in the middle of the night and gave him a vision. The vision was about me.

As I began reading this letter it was as if this man had been in my head reading my mind. He addressed every discouraging specter floating around in my head. I was ecstatic! I could not believe this was happening. A brother I barely knew in a distant country was awakened by God in the middle of the night to let me know that God saw me and had arisen to come to my aid. I don't even think this brother knew I was in Africa.

Receiving the exhortation and encouragement as God’s word to my heart I begin to be filled with joy. 

Instantly all the oppressive thoughts and feelings lifted. It was like the sun of righteousness rose in my heart!  
Though I have no recollection of this man, God through him remembered me and rose up to fight my enemies. 

Here is his letter. His English is a little rough but his spiritual insight is right on the mark....

Greetings in the name of our lord jesus                                                                                          abba,am writting you and i dont know you well we met in india several years ago and you were with pastor daniel,we chatted abit and you gave me your contact.I woke up in prayers this morning and when i was praying the lord was dealing with my life,it was deep in the spirit that you cant imargin,i saw the heavens opened and when i bowed down he remindend me you,i saw you in a deep cloud of wondering,you were in africa,i dont know if you are doing anything there!am not going to any church!is like you are in africa now,the lord has sent you there with your wife and your seeying that whet is a head is imposible!remove doughts in you! he is able to acomplish,he is with you in that mission,BE STILL,THE LORD IS WITH YOU!is has alresdy done it,praise him and dont complain alot.put your hands in the ploug and till,the plough is already there dont you see!he has rent you with his blessings!dont you see,you are not old!please labour in africa,do it with your all heart.He has given you alot!do it that way,dont strain your heart he is moving there and you shoud not stop him,move with him and support his work in that way!stop complaining!you are the one that he has chosen to do that work not somebody else and if you will resist he will take someone else and it will be a regret!He is with you.dont be discouraged.there shall be a crown in heaven for you. thats what the lord is saying.

The lord be with you!
nipur garnesh from india.

Who is like our heavenly Father? What can be compared to His love?
Give thanks for the Good Shepherd... for He looks well to the needs of His sheep. Praise the Lord Christ lives!!

OBTW… On the way home from Nairobi we were almost in a serious wreck. George switched lanes to quick and clipped a semi tractor trailer! His bumper snagged the semi’s bumper and ripped George’s bumper off. We could have flipped but managed to stop in time. We were right next to a gasoline truck while it happened. We stopped and George “negotiated” a settlement with the driver and headed home. That's George in a white shirt in front of the United semi. But with all God did today we weren’t frightened at all and continued to praise God for the suitcases and the angel from India. That’s enough for one day.                Much love  RCV Grandfather


  1. Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! Who is like our Yah?

  2. that's awesome! we're with you, even if you can't see us. :)

  3. WE prayed for you last night,Praise God He hears our prayers, even for your suit cases to be to you today. That is awesome. Always thinking of you all.

  4. Is that 80 mph on the back of the van? I am definitely praying for God's angels to be surrounding you and guarding over your every movement.

  5. Wow, a message from God via India!