Saturday, August 7, 2010


Just three more days and off we go. Amma has been packing for three or four days now and I, among other things, have been trying to learn how to operate this new camcorder before Doug is gone forever. The thought of winding up in Africa alone with the dreaded “Digital Video Camcorder Recorder Operating Guide” is terrifying to me. Too many words like, data code, formatting, data base and other strange sounding things that make no sense whatsoever. If all else fails I do have Amma and Amy to rely on, so there is hope. We really want to film some interviews and get some pictures of what the Lord is doing in Nakuru.

All in all, its shaping  up to be an awesome trip. Pastor Daniel from Kerala, India, will once again meet us in Nakuru sometime around the fifth or sixth of next month. It’s always a joy to have him with us and to experience him ministering to hurting people. Everyone fell in love with him last December, so they will be very excited when they hear that he is coming.

We will be meeting with a couple other Christian ministries in Nakuru and hope to discover how we can help each other. We know of at least two other ministries there and are looking for others. Amma, Amy and Joy will be traveling and staying Migori, Kenya for two or three days, working in a Kenya Relief clinic, ( … … ) and learning how to possibly set up a clinic back in Nakuru. They are very excited about this opportunity.

There are several “goals” we hope to accomplish in the Lakeview Village Church other than the teaching and counseling we normally do. We hope to continue and extend the micro-financing F.I.S.H (Funding Indigenous Self Help), program we started six months ago. We also desire to put in place a new ministry to help the sick this trip. One of our biggest hopes is to establish a ministry called “Kingdom Hikers” (see previous blog) for the youth of Nakuru.
We have in the church in Lakeview a group of young people who really want to help their friends and classmates come out of the “low expectations” of their generation. These "low expectations" have come to define what many of the teens call their life. We really hope to begin something they can give themselves to and will be used to bring purpose to their lives. They have already started a buzz among their friends that something different is going to happen this month. Please pray that the One who loves them the most, give us creative ideas to get them started.

George is excited and knows that something wonderful is about to happen because of the opposition he is experiencing. Two weeks ago amongst other nefarious things happening, some bandits came over the wall where George and Nelly live to steal three tires, the tire jack, and the battery from our van. They also stole the neighbors tires as well, (sorry about that). Two weeks before that happened, the engine in the van went out. So we fully expect that we are going to have a wonderful time, full of things that make our adversary depressed. Amy Carmichael knew about such things when she wrote…

“The measure of the enemy’s activity is in direct proportion to the measure of God’s working. We take it as a sign of encouragement, however hindering it might be. Satan would not trouble to fight if he saw nothing worth attacking; he does not seem to mind the spread of head knowledge of doctrine or even a cordial appreciation of it. Often we hear people say how excellent the gospel is and how they never worship idols anymore. Sometimes even a heathen mother will make her child repeat a bible verse to you, and the father will tell him bible stories; …. All this goes on most peacefully; there is not the slightest stir, till something happens to show the people that that the doctrine is just not a creed, but contains living power…and then and only then, will there be opposition.” (Amy Carmichael 1903 from the book … “Things the way they Are” P. 27)

So with our dear sister’s encouragement leading the way for us, we rejoice that the devil knows who we are and what we’re coming there to do. Though we have no strength of our own the One who goes with us will see to it that "no weapon formed against us "succeeds. Pray to our wonderful Father, who loves us so, that He would continue to bash in the gates of hell in Nakuru and allow us to bring together all that love Him.

RCV Grandfather

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