Friday, July 30, 2010

The "Little Ones"

When people find out that we’re leaving for Kenya they sometimes ask why we spend our money and time traveling all the way to Africa to help people we don’t even know. Good question; but we’re not really sure how to answer it anymore. Some of us began with a sense of obligation; wanting to give something back to our Father in heaven for taking such good care of us. You know;  try and help the less fortunate. Yet, that was before we encountered  the “Little Ones”. Now, it’s because we don’t have any choice in the matter ...whatsoever. You see, the first time we came to this incredible country, we tried to find and help people less fortunate than our selves, but alas, we couldn’t find any. We mistakenly thought poverty equaled unhappiness.

We are relatively sure that the less fortunate are there somewhere, but we can't find them. The reason is that shortly after arriving in Kenya we stumbled across the most beautiful little creatures we had ever seen. We called them the “Little Ones”. As a result we don't view anyone the same way previous to our encounter with the delightful little creatures.They somehow changed our entire sense of reality.

Some of them had no families, some barely enough food to eat and all of them had beautifully big eyes. Yet for some unknown reason the trials and tribulations that cause such despair in the inhabitants of our land, had no effect on their happy disposition.

The effect the "Little Ones" had on us was at first disturbing and then a little disorienting. They were so lovely, so delightful, that just to look upon them was to become completely enchanted with their beauty and hopelessly powerless to live without them. . After a few days we lost all sense of direction. We could no longer tell where our home was. We even forgot what “less fortunate” even meant. We felt “less fortunate” more accurately described… us …not them.
Everywhere we went these lovely little creatures would come up, look into our eyes and instantly make us their slaves. We were powerless to resist any of their charms.
The fearsome demons of our land, seem to have no power on these little ones. They were completely unaware that they were playing right next to a den of drugs, or the pit of poverty or the lair of death. It was as if they were oblivious to their desperate situation. Somehow, they had learned not only to not fear them, but to coexist with these fearful beast, not losing their sunny disposition and gratitude for being alive.

Though we never found out why, all the “Little Ones” took great pleasure and delight in our presence. Upon seeing us, they would immediately run up and beg to be touched and or held by us. Now; if to see them was to become enamored; to hold one……was well,... to become completely enchanted. To look into those huge eyes of wonder was to be transported out of the dire circumstances of where and how they lived, to find your selves at the very foothills of God. So we have decided they need us to look after them since they were not aware of their great need. We could see the frightening circumstances they lived in; but they could not. So we entered in a wonderful symbiotic relationship. They let us hold them and look into their eyes and we get to take care of and protect them. We feel we got the best part of the deal.

We leave for Kenya in two weeks, and can hardly wait to get back. The “Little Ones” are waiting for us with anticipation and those huge eyes. We have been away for 6 months and it has been extremely painful to be out of their presence. We are currently unwilling to be slaves to anything else; for the slavery of the “Little Ones” is better than all the pleasures our “affluent” society offers. So that is where our time, money, and vacations will be going. Alas, we have become their slaves.
There is something about Africa and her children.   RCV Grandfather

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