Tuesday, January 5, 2010

African Update # 18 2009

A Letter to the Saints

To the all the beloved Saints in Nakuru;

Greetings with much love from Abba and Amma and all the Saints that live together inside the Kingdom of God's beloved Son, here in Rose Creek Village. We are here. We arrived safely home, carried on the wings of your faithful prayers and the love of our family here and in Memphis. It was about 9:00 at night when we arrived at the beautiful gates of the Village. The temperature was
-12 degrees centigrade and freezing. Despite the bitter cold, as we rounded the corner to enter the gates; there stood everyone in the Village to welcome us home. Men women and children had stood out in the cold ,waiting to greet us and hug our necks. We were overcome with emotion to see such a great display of love and sacrifice for us.

That night laying in my bed I thought of you and the wonderful work that our heavenly Father is doing in all of you. I want to say to you all once again; ... don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop. You cannot imagine what He wants to do with all of you. Keep believing Him. Keep following Him. Keep loving Him. Anything worth having is worth suffering for. He has chosen you to reveal in you His great love for Kenya. Guard your hearts from gossip or even listening to any negative thing about each other. Let you mouths be filled with only His words and His encouragement for each other. Bear each other's weaknesses for it is Christ's will that you do so. Realize someone is bearing your weaknesses and you must bear theirs. Put your brothers and sisters needs before your own and He will repay you.

Being with you the last 2 months was a total joy and a uplifting experience. If it is His will I will see you in 6 months. Our time away from each other will go quickly and we must work hard to use what He has given us so He can give us more. Do not hide what he has given you in the ground of your flesh but invest it in the lives of those around you. If you do, He will increase what you have, if you do not; he will take what you have away and give it to someone else.

To all the leaders who faithfully take care of the clans; may God bless you and may He find you to being faithful to take care of His sheep. Protect them from wolves, especially from the ones who pretend to be sheep. Lead them to peaceful green pastures and still quiet waters. Feed them with the food Christ fed them with.....Himself. Give yourselves to their needs both spiritual and physical. Encourage and protect your Pastor; George. Always give him what God has given you. Watch his face and learn to know it. See what his needs are and meet them. Watch for him getting overburdened with people's problems. Stay close to him. Never let him feel alone or taken for granted. Remember the more important you become in His Kingdom, the more love you will need.

I will try to write to you as often as I can, but know that there will not be a day go by that Amma and I will not be thinking of you. Pray that God allows us to do much here, for the church there in Nakuru. Thank you for all of your love that you so freely gave towards Amma, Joel, and myself. Remember it is the last hour of the last day. Work hard and stay together.

May the God of Abraham, Issac, Petronillia, Patrick, George, General, and Jacob be with you always.

Much love and grace..... David Noah

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