Friday, October 23, 2009

Life From Heaven

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Myanmar. We visited quite a few orphanages to determine which ones we could support and played with many delightful children. I was blessed with meeting some of the most devoted followers of Christ I have ever met. One such man was a brother by the name of Mang Al. Mang Al was one of the translators that traveled with us to help us communicate at the Orphanages. He was a quiet man of God that had quite a history of adventures with God. During our return trip to the airport I had a chance to tell him what our Father was doing with us in Tennessee. I spoke of the grace that had been poured out on a Village of 300 people to live out the same kind of life that is recorded in the first four chapters of the book of Acts. His reaction was a mixture of amazement and something akin to anger. When I finished he looked at me rather perplexed and said…..” Why hasn’t your country told us of this Life? Many of our people have died without knowing that such a Life could be lived. Why has your country not spoken to us about this before now?” Somewhat taken back by the question I really didn’t know how to answer him. I then said … “I guess the people of my country don’t care about this way of Life because they are content with their own lifestyle. He just stared at me dumfounded and finally said… “I do not understand …..This Life you describe is the most wonderful thing I have ever heard. Can you come back and teach us how to live this Life?” I guess (Lord willing) we will be going back to Myanmar next year for a longer stay. I have often wondered myself why there are not more people in our country inquiring about this incredible Life that we get to live day in and day out. What would happen if a description of this Life appeared in the newspaper …and how in the world, (pun intended) would they begin to describe it?
EXTRA, EXTRA … read all about it …Life from heaven falls on 300 people in the western hills of Tennessee! Reports are coming in from all the surrounding areas that this event has radically changed the lives and lifestyles of those involved. Some concerned citizens in nearby towns have given eyewitness accounts of these people giving up all their possessions and all they’ve worked for their entire life to share with each other. Others give strange reports of these same people stating that their lives no longer consist of their possessions but have all things together. It has also come to attention of this newspaper that they have formed business’s that are unlike any business’s ever seen in this area. The men who work for these business’s have voluntarily capped their pay so the profits of the companies can go to supporting 20 or so single mothers and widows, 65 orphans in 2 different countries, and the support of a “church family” in Kenya Africa. All the men working for these companies ( at least 50 or more) have established such a testimony in their work that wherever they go people invent more work just so they can stay longer. One of the wealthier residents of our city, after hearing them singing while they worked, was so moved by their hearts, that he asked them to go through his house and ask God’s blessing on it. This reporter has not once heard of their men ever cussing, fighting or being other than gentle and polite to people they have worked for and all other workers present.
Perhaps the most amazing change, since the strange invasion of Heavens Culture among these people, is the effect it has had upon their children. There must be something going on we cannot observe. They completely defy the statistics of the rest of the American youth. Out of 150 young people there is no drug use, no premarital sex, no gangs, no suicide, no crime, and a peer pressure that any parents would love to see there children totally covered up with. Their schooling is completely filled with the teachings of the Christ taught by folks totally devoted to demonstrating His Love. The children’s creativity has exploded with the formation of a 60 person Irish dance troupe, 2 Irish bands, a drum core, festivals, newspapers, drama clubs, etc. , etc.. It is a common sight in the Village to see groups of youth talking and praying with each other. It is reported that last week 6 of their young people grew tired of their exclusive friendship and proceeded to (in front of the whole Village) wash all their feet of their peers with tears of repentance.
Another fascinating feature of this unique Life from above is there insistence on walking in unity and Love. They have begun saying something to the effect that their Master’s credibility rest with their togetherness. They don’t just talk about loving one another, they walk it out every day in a visible “taking care of each other” way. They live together, eat together, work together, laugh together, cry together and claim that it is both good and pleasant. Now it is of the opinion of this newspaper that the mental disorder which has come from thinking about God to much can be healed if they would just pursue the American dream for a while. Christians everywhere should pray for their deliverance so they can experience the beauty of independence and the joy of knowing that no matter what you did it your way.
Well although the above “newspaper article” is fictitious the facts about the life we are currently living is not and leave me still wondering ….why if even if there was even a remote possibility of these things being true, do people not check it out. Once in Boston I began to describe our life to a woman who said “That sounds like heaven”…to which I replied, no just the Kingdom of Heaven. Many reading this would say …if these things were true of course we would check it out…but how do we know that what you’re saying is true? You don’t…. so then the first question is not whether or not this is really true …. but rather what are you willing to do to find out?
….Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and its righteousness…..for I came that the life you live would be extraordinary.
RCV Grandfather

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