Sunday, November 4, 2007

Why not leave Christianity and follow Christ?

Is there any reason to believe that most of twenty first century Christianity is in any way what its founder intended? If the scriptures are the (supposed to be) rule of faith and practice why doesn't anybody see that what is currently being practiced as Christianity bears little or no resemblance to the original precedent set by the original followers of Christ? If I were from the planet Mars and didn't have any contemporary knowledge of what a church looked like... could I find one by just reading the scriptures? I wonder...There would be no mention of them owning an expensive building. Therefore no sign out front to tell others where to come. No little sign with some tacky saying to make them think of God. No bulletins handed out at the door to tell them what to do in the building they didn't have. In fact there would be no visiting the church of your choice, because the choice was made by where you lived and not which teacher you liked best. You would never be instructed to be quiet and listen to someone "preach" every Sunday because everyone was expected to contribute what he had been given that week. There would be no showing off of your new cloaths because most folks there would be poor and didn't have that option. The few of the more well off didn't go to investment classes so they could be "good stewards" of their riches, they usually just foolishly gave it to the leaders so they could take care of those poor folks. They wouldn't hear great expository teaching on how many angels could sit on the head of a pin or what the latest theory on the timing of the rapture because back then they (mistakenly?) thought sound doctrine was about practicing the faith not debating it. It is likely they never heard a "sermon" on hellfire for sinners because not one is recorded as being preached after Christ brief mentioning of it in the gospels. In fact the four "spiritual" laws were never mentioned in one of the messages delivered to pagans by the people of the scriptures... just a revealing the Christ and believing in Him....not things about Him. People who did believe in Him were taught that getting along would be the best way other people could really tell that they followed Him ...not T shirts...not bumper stickers on their chariots...not little execution stakes hanging around their necks (even if they were 24 carat gold).....or gold fishes on their tunics, hats, golf shirts..etc., etc. .

You may ask ... what is your point? The point is simple if it doesn't smell like an apple ...or it doesn't tastes like an apple ...and it doesn't even look like an apple probably isn't. Maybe it's time to leave Christianity and follow Christ.   RCVGrandfather

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