Friday, November 2, 2007

Christianity is in Trouble...

There are a few things that seem to be obvious....Christianity is in trouble and for good reason. The world has reason to wonder why Christians would want anyone to follow their God. There is equal amounts of divorce, immorality, premarital sex and most other problems that plague humankind inside Christianity as there is outside. Some statistics say that 53,000 people a week are leaving the institutional church every week....and why shouldn't they?...what does it offer? Why should the world want the Christian God to rule the earth looks as though He cannot even rule His own house. Can anyone take you to a place where they could say in good conscience ... "look at these people and look at how they live everyday ...they are ruled by God. This is what the next age will look like." It seems to me that people are not asking about life after death anymore because of the way Christians live before death. What do they offer people who want life before death? Come and see the Kingdom of God ...but only on Sunday morning and Wednesday night?....and if they went ..what would they see...a sermon?....a bible study...Holy laughter? ...slain in the Spirit?....pass the plate? If I asked you to see a demonstration of the life of God, where would you take me to? Don't people have the right to see something before they buy into it? Why should I trust the head the house when on the inside people are so dysfunctional. Are they not the evidence of the quality of leading done by him who is in charge? It may interest anyone who reads this to know that this is not written by someone who doesn't believe in God ...I do. It should also be stated that I do not think the problem lies with God rest with the people who say they know God. If I said that you will know I am a good Gardner by the condition of my garden and upon observing my garden you saw dead plants, weeds, and nothing of beauty at all would know I didn't know what I was talking about...even though I put up fancy signs around it stating... Beautiful Plants Here. You would probably not be impressed with me as a gardener if I spray painted the plants with beautiful colors so you couldn't see they were dead. Neither should you be impressed with a so called House of God that contains nothing but lonely people involved with the latest programs studiously learning the newest doctrines.

He said you will know them ( His people) by the Love and Togetherness that you should be able to see ...not just hear about. It is time for a reality check is time for a radical change. Abundant Life is more than meetings .... RCVGrandfather

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