Monday, May 14, 2012

May 2012 Greetings

Dear Family and Friends;
This is the first minute I have had to write. Amma has turned out three blogs and this is my first. We have been delightfully busy. 

Well as some of you know, we solved the “Where’s George, Oh no, we're stuck at home” dilemma. We bought a car. It’s just a small clunker but it runs good and now we have our wings. It’s a 14 year old little African Toyota Camry (the Toyota’s are different here). It’s kind of rough but runs great. It has all the basic things (good engine, tires, brakes, windshield wipers) and they actually work ... well sort of.

We bought it from some missionary’s friends we know in Nakuru. George has maintained this particular car for about 3 years so he knows everything about it. We took it to the shop to fix some odds and ends (windows, defroster, gas access, door locks, horn, etc. etc.) and they kept it all day.

During the course of that day they took out all the seats to fix the gas door release cable, tore the dash apart and fixed the horn, defroster, radio, window switch, and locks. Most things they fix doesn’t involve buying new parts they just 'repair them'.  ‘MacGyver’ could learn a few things from these guys. There had to be 4 different men working on the car throughout the day and it cost a whopping… ten dollars. Unbelievable.

We are now able to visit families in the church and other missionaries as well. Kind of bit into our financial reserves for the next 6 months but we got a smoking deal (for Kenya) on the car and we are very sure our Father wanted us to get it. So we’ll leave the future to Him.

George really is doing so much better since the kidnapping and robbery incident. His heart is softer. That and the fact of that more brothers are ‘stepping up to the plate’ in the church. He is much more open, humble and desiring to learn.

Nelly is opening up to us more than ever and has been coming in our room to talk more often. She has started a little money transfer business in her hair salon and it seems to be doing well. Her whole hair salon is only eight by eight feet with the new business. Nelly is awesome.

The women have really grown spiritually as well. They too have become softer and eager to learn. There is a freedom growing here that is refreshing. Even the young women are beginning to volunteer to take responsibility in the church.

There is twice the amount of young men in the church than before we left. Simon is becoming a spiritual man. He is also becoming a real spiritual leader with the young people, even if he does it by stealth. He is making good choices and has turned down a remarkable opportunity to professionally dance so he could remain with God and continue in the church.

May God raise up many such young people. We would like to have a passage for him but it may be a little early for the men to fully understand what would be happening.

Amma, Nikki and I are doing well. We have not fully caught our breath yet but are recovering gradually. With the exception of Amma accidentally frying her sewing machine with a 220 electrical outlet and Nikki’s sunburn (see Amma's Blog ) things are going pretty smooth.

Nikki is constantly surrounded with a new set of brothers/admirers. I have never seen anyone, including us, integrate here so fast. I think it helped that she was raised around all those brothers.

We met a man today that really impressed us. His name is Amoshe Thomas and he is 36 years old. Thomas has a wife and young son named … “wonderful”. Some of the kids call him papa wonderful. He is a marvelously talented singer. He has a CD out that I really love. He has been a pastor and been offered many financially secure jobs in big churches but he chose rather to be a blessing in God’s Kingdom.

He told us he has been looking  10 years for men who desire to see a scriptural version of the church. We spent a few hours with him at Kokeb (our favorite restaurant) a couple of days ago and he poured his heart out about his search for true biblical fellowship. When he went home after our meeting he told his wife about our conversation and she cried for joy.

This Sunday he came and helped lead our worship. I have rarely seen or heard anyone worship God like Thomas. His entire being was before God… it was really inspiring. 

People were coming in off the street to hear him. At the end of our gathering he stood and said this would now be his church family. Our only major difference is our choice of Sunday shoes. 

He really has a heart for God and God’s people. We’re going over to eat at his house next week. He also said no white man has ever entered his house. Pray for them and us to come together.

The Gathering was so full there was no room in the tent. We have got to do something about the lack of room. This Sunday some people were standing in the sun.

We had a wonderful Kingdom Hikers (young people) meeting despite many that were away at school. The young people desire to be taught about the corporate life of Christ. They very much want to be good disciples.

We feel doors beginning to open. Today we talked about leasing some farm land and growing something to sell. Several missionaries here are doing this and turning a profit.I believe it could be profitable, but for now we are just gathering information. We would wait for the input of our new RCV Mission Committee and much advice from local farmers and businessmen.

Nakuru is growing very fast. There is so much potential. May God direct our paths.

Oh, one more thing. Don't forget to pray for our friend Pastor Daniel in India. The government in the state of Kerala, where Daniel lives and ministers, has outlawed all home churches. That makes hundreds of Saints with no where to meet.

Things are heating up everywhere all over the world and we need to support our friends with prayer. Pray for our friends in India.

Well that’s all for now but there seems to be a lot of reasons for … shouting African Praises. Leave a comment, even if its a few words it’s very encouraging to know people are staying with us.

Much love ... Your sent ones.


  1. I love you Abba and will be praying! God will be glorified in the Earth! We are standing with you back home.

  2. Yes we are (standing WITH you, as Allison said)!! Thank you for this wonderful update, Abba! George, Nellie, Simon, Amoshe Thomas --- Bless the Lord for all He is doing there!! Nikki, what a delight you are. It's refreshing seeing your face in the pictures, and just imagining what FUN you add to the household. Amma, thank you for your faithful blogging. Kingdom Hikers, keep going; how wonderful to hear of God growing you....doubling your size, and increasing your spiritual stature, each one of you. This was a very exciting blog to read. To the beloved in Africa: May the increase only increase, and May God's grace be abundant on you for staying on the path and meeting every challenge as the Overcomers we are called to be! God WILL BE glorified, right there in Nakuru. Amen!

  3. We all miss the three of you so much, it sounds like our Father has many happy surprises for you through out the next 6 months. Praise God that He smiles down upon us and put the things in our path's so we can look at them and handle them as well. We all are praying for you,Amma and Nikki and of course those there to may God just blow upon all that turns their eyes to Him and fill their hearts with full joy, so all will share what God has placed within them at that moment of time. Praise God for what he gives us to do in His name. Thank you for this blog papa love you

  4. Awesome blog! That's all exciting to hear. I love the picture of Simon as well as the one of Amoshe on his knees.

    We're all crying out to God with you.

  5. love you guys! reading all about it!