Friday, August 27, 2010

Who We're "Hanging" With

Amma, Joy, Amy, and Bob Miller (Noah) are keeping everyone up on what's happening so I thought I would just put up, for your viewing pleasure, some of our favorite people that we are currently  "hangin' with". The first of course is the man responsible for us being here; Agai (George) Olendo ...

The next is Petronilla. A lovely sister who is a devoted follower of Christ and a very encouraging sister. She has become a close friend and co worker here in the church. Petronilla is a talented seamstress, who runs a small and profitable sewing shop. You will rarely will ever see her without her lovely smile.

This is Simon. He is one of  our favorite young people here in Nakuru. He loves the Lord and is a faithful servant of the church. Him and his buddy Loyde faithfully put up and take down the tent each and every Sunday. He has a delightful personality and is a lot of fun to be with. Just ask Joel. He has become good friends with Bob Miller (young Noah) and they are seen together a lot. 

This next young mans name is Loyde. Loyde is a quiet, rather shy person with a wonderful disposition. He is the other half of who tends to all the needs of the meetings. Loyde specializes in setting up the sound equipment and helping oversee the moving and set up of the tent each Sunday. Like Simon he is a lot of fun to be around and seems to have a good relationship with the Lord.

This bundle of energy is Evelyn better known as Eve. She is the daughter of Helen, another of the leading women in the church. Eve sometimes leads the choir and is not shy at all. She has a good strong voice and doesn't mind using them serving God. Her laughter is contagious and her smile is dazzling. Eve is one of the leading youths and some of the energy powering the Kingdom Hikers.

This sister is Christine Were'. She is one of the two youth leaders in the church. She also is one of my favorite people. Christine and her husband Patrick have adopted Amma and I into their lovely family. Christine is a very community minded worker and has been a real force in bringing the youth together.

Next we have the peanut gallery. This little angel is Toto. She is without a doubt my favorite peanut. She is the cutest and happiest child here. Two days ago we found out she had become very sick so we went to pray for her recovery. I am happy to announce that our Father heard our prayers and she is now recovering. She is Christine's and Patrick's youngest. Toto's sister's (below top right), name is Lena; another very sweet child.

This next little munchkin is Margret. She is the friend of Toto. She is a mischievous sweetie. Margret always wants to be in the picture making a face. The picture on the bottom left is from 2 years ago.

We have been a little busy, filming, teaching, visiting and such. The pictures below are some of our doings.

 Keep us in your prayers as we go deeper into the hearts of these precious people.
Much love  RCV Grandfather on location.

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