Monday, July 5, 2010

Our June Conference

Well, we just had our “June Conference” and there is one thing we’re all certain about; and that is … it won’t be in June next year. It was so hot! Despite the man eating horseflies and the unbelievable heat; our time together was off the scale. It is such a blessing to be with fellow disciples and hearing what our Father is doing in so many different places. We had been looking forward to this wonderful time together since the conference last year. So much work goes in to getting the Village ready for our friends and family but it is always a labor of love.
People started arriving Friday for the Irish Celi we have that night. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term Celi, it's kind of an Irish Folk dance that is a total blast. It’s fun for the whole family and we sometimes have up to a hundred people dancing?... at once. That coupled with the vigorous swatting at the man eating horse flies makes for a very lively time. All in all everyone seemed to have a great time dancing late into the night.

The next morning we began with some teaching on what it means to be a first century disciple living in the twenty-first century. We discussed the fact that people need both to hear and see the same “good news” preached by Christ two thousand years ago by people living it today. That message had power and its demonstration challenged people to forsake all they had in order to really follow Him without being distracted. It made them just like Christ, which is why they were sarcastically called by their enemies, “Christians” or (little Christs). Men and women, that were learning to become just like Christ. That is the path to both temporal and eternal blessing.

There were teachings and discussions on everything from midwifery to how first century Christians lived. Yet the thing we like the very best is an open forum on living the Christian life. Many questions were asked about problems we've encountered living the way we do, how to resolve conflicts and how to raise children. There were some good questions asked and answers that challenged our typical American thinking. Yet the reason the discussion was so enjoyable was because everyone there was seeking Christ’s heart and will. This allowed us to learn from each other and make some new friendships in the process.

The afternoon was filled with a delicious cook out and entertainment from our young people. That night everyone was pretty much filled and ready for the Gathering on Sunday to praise the One who loves us most.

Sunday morning began with ladies of all ages putting on a wonderful and spiritual dance outside town hall, that ushered us all into His wonderful presence. We spent the next three hours worshiping the One we love the most. Those three hours flew by as all of us recounted the goodness of our God.
After the Gathering we began to say our farewells while exchanging email addresses and promising to stay in touch. I long for the time when there will be no more farewells or need of email addresses. A time when all of us get to be together forever. Although I do love that we get to experience these little “previews” of things to come.

I feel so sorry for those who don’t know our heavenly Lover. He truly is the reason we live and breathe. Who is like our God and what can be compared to His love? The answer is… no one and nothing. Blessed be His name. Much Grace … RCV Grandfather

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