Friday, November 6, 2009

My First Kenyan Day 2009

             My First Kenyan Day

Driving down these dusty roads, midst trash that's thrown  away;

I failed to find the beauty there, on my first Kenyan day.

Because of how I’ve learned to think, my eyes could just not see;

The blessings of this simple life; the grace in poverty.

A simple trip to town to buy, some very needed wares;

Was nough to take my breath away, amid the friendly stares.

There seems to be no order in what’s moving all about you;

No guiding signs on streets or walls, to show what one must do.

To cross a street was quite a risk, not knowing where to be;

No flashing lights or beeping sounds for my security.

How did they know what to do, amidst this bustling street;

Without running over folks, or stepping on their feet?

But when I looked to my surprise;

I could see what made them wise,

The simple secret to their grace;

Was looking in each other’s face!

So I could rest, enjoy the day, I now knew what to do;

Look your neighbor in the eye; they’ll be no fooling you.

Don’t put your faith in beeping sounds nor trust in light or sign;

Try and see each other’s face, for that was God’s design!

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