Wednesday, November 25, 2009

African Update # 10 2009

  Another day in the Kingdom

We made it! To the end of another day that is. Another day in the Kingdom of God. Filled with skirmishes, a few battles and some outstanding victories. Today we visited several new folks that want to join this most wonderful and growing family in Nakuru Kenya. The visits take about 30 to 45 minutes each, and are spent getting information, taking pictures, eating butter bread sandwiches, drinking a Stony (carbonated ginger drink that is awesome) and praying a blessing over the house. The first few houses we visited, we asked if they would explain how the church in Lakeview was helping them. Their answers were both revealing and encouraging. One dear lady said, that this was the first time she was experienced the love of God in a people. She spoke of the care that George had given her family in times of need and the constant care she was being shown by her new brothers and sisters.

At another house, a sister shared how, for the first time, she was beginning to understand the scriptures and felt real growth in her walk with Christ. (sound familiar?)

She stated over and over again, her gratitude, for being in a church that felt like she had really joined the Family of God.

The first two houses were very encouraging, but the last house was over the top. When the sister in the last house we visited, found out we were coming, she invited her two neighbors to "come and see". They had witnessed the change in her life, and wanted to enter that Life. So after talking for a bit, we prayed with Mary (blue shirt on right) who gave herself to Christ.

Then the second one, Lucy, ( she is in the blue jacket on the left) came and knelt in front of me and asked to leave her life and enter the corporate Life of Christ. We prayed for the One who loves them most, to receive them both to Himself. And you know what? He did. I am not sure what Catholics mean when the say the Lord is present in the Eucharist, but I do know He is very present in the Lives of His gathered saints. What a great day. (Lucy is on the left and Mary the right)

After the visits, we stopped by to visit a wonderful sister named Helen at her work place. Helen is one of the neatest ladies here. Her smile would light up a cave and her generosity is legendary.

Helen sells small, thick clay pots, that she buys from the town of Kissi, Kenya (that’s the first place we first visited in Kenya 3 years ago), that, when placed on a metal stand, serve as a coal burning cook stoves. The metal stands that the clay pots sit in are made in little shops right next door. The whole block that her shop is located on is filled with scores of small metal working shops. The sounds of metal hammers fashioning, buckets, rims and other odds and ends, was delightful. Helen was very surprised that we “dropped by” and insisted that we eat lunch in a very small (think 8 x 12)cafĂ© across from her shop.
After ordering tea (chai) Mary appeared with a little bundle of newspapers that contained some of the best fish I had ever eaten. Little scary at first, but amazingly delicious.

After lunch, we hurried home for a quick nap and some dedicated study time for the teaching at Helen’s clan meeting that night. We ended up being late to the meeting but was received by 10 or 12 wonderful people waiting, in a very dimly lit room, for us. I only taught half of the teaching before having tea and chapatti (which is part of the ritual when teaching in someone’s house) because of how tired everyone was. Then it was back in the van for a short trip home and a well deserved sleep.

Bwana Asi Fwi lala Salama (Praise the Lord and good night),… Your prayers carried us through another day!    Much love; ...your sent ones

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