Tuesday, November 17, 2009

African Update # 7 2009

         The Man of God

There is something wonderful about seeing someone you know and love, when he comes to visit you in a foreign country. It’s not as though we feel anything is foreign about Kenya. It has become our second home. Yet when we saw Daniel come into the tent Amma and I jumped up and hugged his neck, feeling even more at home. How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in Unity ….. Even if one of them lives half way around the world from you, most of the time. Our true home is Christ and if we dwell in Him; distance doesn't matter. We are all home, no matter where we are when we are together. It is also is amazing that friends of a friend are instantly your friends in the Kingdom. This was our first meeting with Mike Chaklos ( the other white guy) and Pastor Martin (sitting behind Danielwith the white shirt, from Katali, Kenya. Though both of these men were only here to drop Daniel off and then head to Nairobi airport; the few minutes we had together were good. It is good to touch the lives of people whose business is in touching lives. (Am I a frustrated poet or what?) Anyway, as we concluded the gathering and started home we felt that God was assembling an army to do battle in these last days.

The first night that Daniel spoke, was awesome. He taught on walking the walk if you’re going to talk the talk. He spoke of the glory of giving your entire life to the will of God and not looking back. Then he began to comment about the glory of God on the faces of two sisters he met at a hospital in Selmer Tennessee. He said that their faces made him want to see where they had come from. He also said when he came to the Village for the first time, the same glory on the two women’s faces was on everyone’s face in the community. He told our Nakuru brethren that we were worse off than most of the people here in Nakuru, which is not completely true, but certainly looked that way. He spoke of Gods desire to bring that same glory to the faces of Lakeview Village Community Church that He had seen in the Village. He then said that, what was happening to them was the hope of Kenya. That if they would allow Christ to teach them to love God and each other, like their brothers in Tennessee, God would touch all of Kenya. May it be so.

Another wonderful 30 year old pastor, whose name is James Mugo, came and has been with us for two days. James comes from Eldoret Kenya and has a heart for the reality of the Body of Christ. He is the young man I met on the internet through a mutual friend of ours on an online bible study. He has been soaking it up these past two days and is begging us to come and speak to his small church in Eldoret. We are looking now to see if and when we can do that.

Lastly we are fixing to launch a Micro-Loan program here called ,well may be called, … FISH (Financing Indigenous Self Help). The name came from the adage "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Rather than give people money to meet needs we want to teach them responcibility. It’s not a new concept, but with a little tweaking it will help our people here become accountable, responsible and more self reliant. The loans are called Micro-Loans because most are under 100 dollars. Well it’s time to start getting for the meeting, so I will pick this up later tonight.

Wow! If Daniel’s first talk was assembling an army, the second is our marching orders. Unbelievable 4 hour meeting, with a wonderful message from Daniel and then him ministering in prayer to at least half or more of our people. It was completely from God, touching the hearts of everyone there. What a wonderful man of God. He spoke of 7 things to focus on spiritually, from the story of Peter walking on the water. It was exactly what we needed to move ahead and be the Light of the World here in Nakuru.

Briefly they are ….

1. Be ambitious…. Peter wasn’t content to keep rowing the boat; he had seen Jesus walk on the water and he wanted to walk there too.

2. Share your ambitions…. Peter told the Lord His desires…We need to tell the right people. People that are doing it themselves and people who won’t discourage us.

3. Wait on God’s timing…. Not rush out and say... "Here I come Lord ready or not" … Peter waited for His consent.

4. Then move and don’t wait…. Do not wait for more and more conformation. After you hear …move out.

5. Keep focused…. Do not try to do everything….stay with what you started to do…. Don’t mind the waves and wind, (your circumstances) focus on carrying out His will.

6. Don’t doubt….. Fear comes from doubt …Don’t let circumstances bring doubt through fear into your doing His will.

7. Keep on Walking… Don’t give up, don’t give up, and don’t give up!!

After ministering the word, Daniel began ministering to people through prayer. I have seen him do this in India and it is awesome. Daniel is a marvelous instrument in the Hands of our God …. Because before he is anything else he is ….. A man of God. Yesu Asifiwi Sana (praise Jesus much).

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