Saturday, November 14, 2009

African Update # 5 and 1/2 2009

The Young Kenyans

Another wonderful day, full of God, but a lot of difficult things are happening around us. George is battling Typhoid attack. He is weak but still on his feet and moving. Last night he went to his sisters to find her seriously sick with a bacterial infection from the water. If he had not of gone over and found her she could have died. She was seriously weak. We got her medicine and she should be OK now. This morning he went to check on her son and he was going down as well. We got the medicine and he’ll be back up in a few days. Everyone is coughing and wheezing around here so when Amma started feeling bad we were a bit alarmed. There must be a lot of prayers going on back home; because she got up this morning feeling great. Please continue to hold us up to our Father, the life you save could be mine.

This afternoon we were scheduled to meet with the Church’s youth. We went to the appointed place, a nice little open air restaurant downtown named Kopehk. We arrived 15 minutes late, worried that we had made them wait. We didn’t see them anywhere we began to think they might have come and went. We sat down and had some Masallah tea and waited for 30 minutes. We were going to pay the bill and leave when around the corner came all these kids smiling and laughing. We waved them over and went to the back of the restaurant and a little room that fit us all perfectly. After some short introductions, I began to tell them the story of my journey with God and how it grew into all of your stories as well. Then Njoroje (Joel) shared about, “you are who you hang with.” It was great! He shared the difficult time he had losing his friends and the stand he took for the Lord. The kids looked convicted . Amma shared a little about how our youth learned to take care of one another and again the kids loved it. We then talked about what we were going to do for Christmas (they don’t really celebrate it much) and they are going to come up with some fun ideas.

So Rose Creek let us know what you are doing so we can do some of the same things here. Then we took pictures of everyone and decided to drive the girls home. There wasn’t enough room for the boys. Now I’m waiting for the clan leaders so we can have our clan leaders meeting. Keep praying ….Daniel and two pastors are coming tomorrow. Should be a busy day.

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