Thursday, September 6, 2012

The FriendShip...

We would like to introduce four wonderful Christian leaders in Nakuru who are coming together to see the message of the Kingdom of Heaven proliferated throughout Kenya. They are just a few of the men who are offering their lives to fight corruption and immorality in religion. They hope to begin this fight through the mutual accountability and training found in a new ministry called...  ‘The Friendship’.

We asked the men and women of who have consistently attended the ‘The Friendship’ meetings to describe how it has helped them. Their replies were very encouraging. We are also proud to say that these exceptional men and women are also our friends. Below are a couple of examples of how they responded.

There are those who would call these people dreamers because they believe two or more gathered together in Christ name can make any significant difference in a large and very religious city; and perhaps they are right. Yet what higher dream can one have than desiring to glorify Christ through the sacrifice of their lives. We shall see what Christ will do with their offerings.

Let me begin by introducing to you two pastors who I believe will be the men who will soon lead this newly formed ministry called ‘The Friendship’. Both these men are becoming some of our best friends in Nakuru.

The first is James K Nyaga. James is a veteran pastor who has done much apostolic work among the Massi people in Samburu. He now lives in Nakuru and is the father of two wonderful children. He has been blessed with one of the most devoted wives I have ever met. His ministry here in Nakuru consists of serving as a full time shepherd and running a school with of 85 students in the midst of the slums.

 James and his wife labor in this school tirelessly providing the love and care these children need, who otherwise would grow up without an education. I will have a lot more to say about the faith of this man and his wife. Above are some of their school children.

Here is what James related concerning ‘The Friendship”…

“May I take this opportunity to thank God for opening this great door to know the men and women from Rose Creek and even having fellowship with them.
The things I have learned from your meetings have not only helped me in the ministry, but first (in) my personal life and my relationship with God. I have learned to allow God to deal with body, soul and Spirit. The meetings are not like other meetings…. everybody participates and love of Christ is experienced.

I love the way you share with us the deep secrets of the word of God. Your teachings are not (so much just) theologically rooted but life changing truths which go deeper than body, soul, (all the way) down to our Spirits. I’m teaching these truths to our church and I can see the impact of the teachings. People are open for true and sincere fellowship and love from one another.

I am committed to continue with these meetings and I want more from your experience as God has given you. You are more than teachers to me but, my spiritual fathers. I want to tap more from you. I am willing and ready to continue with the meetings”.
Yours in Christ,   James Nyaga

The next brother we want you to meet is Thomas Okumu. Thomas is the owner of a chicken business located in the center of Nakuru. Thomas is also a wonderful spirit filled man. He not only runs a good business but pastors a growing church. He works in connection with other men he is raising up to co-shepherd with him. Watching them work together is awesome.

Here is what Thomas says about ‘The Friendship’….

First of all I would like to thank God who have connected us with the men of God: Brother Noah and Brother Douglas
These meetings have blessed me so much. The first thing I was taught was that the spirit and the soul are two different things and operate differently. I (also) came to realize that if we cannot work together as brothers, then we will not make it. So these men have worked hard to see all pastors have come together. Ps 133-1:3
I would urge my brothers go on (continue the meetings) so that God may continue to bless us spiritually so that we may go on as well. The word of God is new day by day. If we continue meeting we will have to heat (receive the) new things that God is doing in our life and also get the word of encouragement in (for) our life.

These are two of the people our Father is touching and bringing together on board the 'FriendShip'. May God help us to continue in this ministry. None of these men and women would have been so affected without the support and prayers from people back home.

So from the entire crew of the 'The FriendShip' and those of us serving them … thank you!

Next post… What would you do if 160 employees of Wal-Mart asked you to come and teach them every Saturday morning the gospel of the Kingdom of God?


  1. Thank you for the update. May God bless abundantly the ministry there.

  2. WOW!!!!! Amazing news from these brothers and sisters. It is good to hear directly from them. Thank them for us for writing their thoughts down. Have you really been asked to come and teach at a Wal-Mart (Wool Mart)?
    Love, Dossie